Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Cemetery

I just love Halloween :) The fall weather and all the spooky stuff puts me in a great mood, weird? haha.
I helped my mom transform a section of her yard into a cemetery. 

When is comes to decorating for the season it is always best to buy your decorations right after the holiday is over. 
My mom and I bought all the decorations last year practically 85% off. 

Things to consider buying:
Pumpkins of course, spider web material, foam tombstones, hanging ghosts, plastic bones, zombies.
Bails of hay are also pretty inexpensive and they are good for November too, or if you want to make a scarecrow. The list could go on.


One of the cheapest things you can buy are those styrofoam tombstones and they are awesome! They only thing is that it is so hard to use the small plastic pieces they give you to stick into the ground. 


So we decided to use some wire hangers (we have all some in the back of our closet!) & some wire cutters were needed too. 


Start adding your tombstones!

Place them all over!
Add your spider webs, a bail of hay, some pumpkins, bones, zombies, etc. 
Whatever floats your spooky boat!

& at night a fog machine and strobe light make it amazzzzing! 

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