Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cute Picture Frame Birthday Card

Yeah yeah so you can go to the store and buy a card and slap your name on it .... ORRR you can do it yourself!

It really is the thought that counts and if you make a special birthday card that is personalized it will mean a lot more and won't get shoved in a drawer. 

This is one version of a personalized birthday card poster? 

Scrapbook paper
Glue (preferably with a hot glue gun)
To personalize you can print off your computer or
Draw by hand - we did a mixture of both

I made this for our friend Lindsay and she is super cute so we had to pick super cute paper too. 
We folded the paper each into smaller and smaller pieces and glued them on top of each other. I think it looks like a picture frame. 

Time to personalize it!! 
Write a message to your friend - just like a birthday card :)
Fold it as well and glue it right on!

Since I was thinking it looked like a picture frame I added ....... a picture.
& Then we both signed it by hand. 

We wanted to keep it simple but cute. 

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